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AI for Sales Success: Use These Strategies to Benefit from HubSpot’s AI Solutions

Explore the full potential of AI in HubSpot's Marketing Hub with expert insights

May 6, 2024

By Paul Schmidt

The obstacles sales leaders face are changing—fast. 

Possible solutions are popping up quickly, too. You’ve likely heard about AI for sales tools, but it’s difficult to know what’s worth investing time into. 

We’ll keep this simple. As it turns out, genuinely helpful and easy-to-leverage AI tools for sales are much closer than you think

But more on that in a moment; first—is AI something you really need to have on your radar if you’re in sales? 

What Is AI for Sales (And Why Is It Relevant for Me)? 

AI can equip sales teams with content creation tools, automation agents, and predictive insights to deepen customer connections and streamline operations. 

In other words, If you want to save time, connect better with customers, employ data-backed lead generation and deal scoring strategies, and create more valuable sales materials, then figuring out how to leverage AI definitely needs to be a priority.

At the same time, we’re still in the early-days, Wild-West stage of AI implementation. This has created a perfect storm for sales leaders. Though AI can make teams and companies more efficient, more effective, more creative, and better informed on topics, they can also be difficult to assess and unwieldy to onboard

Here’s the thing: If you choose the right AI tools, your experience will likely be much more seamless and more valuable than you think. 


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HubSpot’s AI Solutions: More Power in Your Existing Sales Toolkit

Recently, HubSpot has released a suite of AI sales solutions, each designed to elevate your sales game. They include tools to help you: 

  • Draft personalized, engaging sales or outreach emails quickly.
  • Automate the generation of insightful, easy-to-read sales reports.
  • Use predictive analytics for more accurate sales forecasts.
  • Employ predictive lead scoring for smarter lead prioritization.
  • Access predictive deal scoring for better alignment on high-value deals.
  • Create and refine sales playbooks with AI-driven content creation.
  • Use auto-generated email thread summaries for quicker email management.
  • Automatically associate new data to keep your CRM accurate and up to date.

That’s a lot to take in. (Don’t worry; we’re going to go into more detail about how to get the most out of these tools.) But first, here’s what makes these tools uniquely valuable right out of the gate: They’re already integrated into the tools you know and love. 

To start benefiting from AI for sales right away, all you need to do is navigate to the tools you’ve already been using—and HubSpot AI’s features will be right there, easy to use with a simple click of a button. 

Save These Use Cases! Here’s Your HubSpot AI for Sales Strategy

Each AI for sales tool embedded in HubSpot can help transform your sales strategy, enhance efficiency, and significantly boost your team's performance. 

But what should each solution be used for? Here’s what we’re excited about—and a few ways we’d recommend wielding each tool: 

Personalizing Sales Approaches

Use HubSpot AI to tailor email responses and conduct in-depth research on potential clients. This can lead to significantly more personalized outreach and lead nurturing. 

Are you seeing this? Your sales emails are consistently netting low engagement rates.

Use HubSpot AI to do this: With the AI-powered content assistant, generate initial templates of emails in seconds. Then, grab unique-to-each-prospect info from email summaries, predictive analytics, LinkedIn, and the constantly updated data in your CRM. You can also use ChatSpot AI to enhance your research process by auto-summarizing records and quickly accessing consolidated, relevant details about a client’s profile, activities, and interaction history directly from your CRM.

Use this information to tweak the email template and personalize it to each recipient’s needs and interests. This can boost open and response rates without your having to invest hours and hours into research and wordsmithing. 

Leveraging Predictive Analytics and AI Forecasting

Predictive analytics in HubSpot can offer invaluable insights for sales strategies. 

Are you seeing this? Sales forecasts are often inaccurate, leading to missed targets.

Use HubSpot AI to do this: Employ AI forecasting to analyze historical data and provide accurate, data-driven predictions. You can also leverage HubSpot AI to project how much revenue you’re poised to generate (with upper and lower bounds) based on previous deals won in a specific period. This empowers better strategic planning and goal achievement. 

Generating Reports for Quick Analysis

HubSpot's AI enhances decision-making by providing sales teams with enriched, up-to-date data. This ensures decisions are based on the latest information, which can lead to more effective strategies and actions.

Are you seeing this? Making sales decisions is often a guessing game thanks to outdated or incomplete data.

Use HubSpot AI to do this: Tell HubSpot’s AI reporting tools what you want reports about, and you’ll get up-to-date, natural-language sales reports to help measure your performance efficiently. You can also use automatic associations to automatically update CRM data and provide real-time analytics, which can help ensure sales decisions are based on the most current and comprehensive data available.

Enhancing Lead Engagement with Predictive Lead Scoring

By automatically evaluating leads and prioritizing those most likely to convert, your sales team can concentrate their efforts more effectively, boosting both efficiency and success rates.

Are you seeing this? It’s hard to identify which leads to focus on.

Use HubSpot AI to do this: Implement predictive lead scoring to automatically assess and rank your leads, ensuring your team targets the opportunities with the highest conversion potential. This strategic focus maximizes both time and resources.

Maximizing Deal Closure with Predictive Deal Scoring

HubSpot's predictive deal scoring solution provides real-time likelihood-of-closure scores, enabling account executives to focus their efforts on the deals most likely to close, enhancing their efficiency and effectiveness.

Are you seeing this? Your AEs are unsure which deals are worth prioritizing for the best outcomes.

Use HubSpot AI to do this: Leverage predictive deal scoring to offer your account executives clear insights into which deals have the highest closure probability. This saves time and significantly increases the chances of closing valuable deals.

BONUS: Gain More Time Across the Board with Efficient Automation and AI Use 

AI can streamline certain sales tasks, from report generation to deal forecasting.

Are you seeing this? Sales reps are overwhelmed with manual tasks. This leaves less time for invaluable customer engagement.

Use HubSpot AI to do this: Consider what you’re spending the bulk of your time on—and then refer to your menu of AI solutions to see where you can make up the most time. 

Here are just a few hypothetical examples: 

  • Automated email templates: Create personalized emails in minutes, not hours.
  • Predictive sales forecasting: Turn day-long forecasting into a two-hour task.
  • Predictive lead scoring: Prioritize leads in minutes.
  • Automated sales tasks: Halve the time spent on routine tasks (so you can focus twice as much on sales). 
  • Quick draft sales materials: Draft key sales materials quickly and refine at speed.
  • Automatic CRM updates: Keep your CRM accurate with zero effort.

Staying Ahead with AI: Practical Tips for Sales Leaders

Looking for more ways to strengthen your sales team with this new toolkit? 

Here are some power moves to consider: 

  1. Prescribe a daily dose of AI: Make AI use part of your team’s daily routine. The more you use it, the more indispensable it becomes.
  2. Conduct AI brainstorming sessions: Schedule regular brainstorming sessions during which your team discusses new ways to integrate AI into your sales strategy.
  3. Create feedback loops: Create channels for your team to provide feedback on AI tools. (What’s working? What needs tweaking?) 
  4. Customize AI tools: AI isn’t one-size-fits-all; tailor it to fit your sales team's unique needs. Pre-loading templates of sales emails that have worked in the past, for example, can save your team even more time. 
  5. Sign your team up for an AI training workshop. The best way to onboard your entire team with consistent skills and get them ready for invaluable collaboration is for everyone to go through the same training—preferably, one specific to the AI platform of your choice. (Luckily, we’ve got you covered.) 
  6. Stay curious: Keep an eye on the latest AI trends and tools. Staying informed helps keep you ahead of the curve.
  7. Celebrate AI wins: When AI strategies lead to a win, remember to celebrate!

We like to think of HubSpot’s suite of AI tools as the smartest intern you’ve ever had. From lead scoring that zeroes in on your hottest prospects to content assistants helping you craft compelling emails, the AI for sales success is real, results-driven, and ready for you to leverage—starting right now! 

Ready to level up your sales strategy with AI? Don’t miss out on our HubSpot AI Training Workshop—an essential educational opportunity for sales leaders eager to harness the power of AI. Register now and lead your team to unprecedented success!


Explore the full potential of HubSpot AI in Marketing Hub with expert tips on balancing automation and creativity for success.

Harnessing AI in HubSpot’s Marketing Hub

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