Email Marketing Templates for E-Commerce: Revenue-Driving Email Flows

A Guide to Getting the Most Bang for Your Buck from Automated Email Flows

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In this e-book, we’ll cover how to build your list of consumers, indoctrinate your audience to your brand, nurture your relationship with your subscribers, and capture revenue through automated email flows.

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Along the way, we’ll share methods for growing your email marketing audience; effective strategies for the Welcome Flow, Browse Abandonment Flow, and Checkout Abandonment Flow; and also tactics for SMS collection in automated flows. 



After you’re done reading this e-book, you’ll be able to:

Understand how to collect emails and grow your list
Nurture your relationship with your subscribers
Capture revenue through automated flows
Increase engagement and drive higher lifetime value with SMS
Email Marketing Templates for E-Commerce: The Welcome Flow Graphic Email Marketing Templates for E-Commerce: The Browse Abandonment Flow Graphic Email Marketing Templates for E-Commerce: The Checkout Abandonment Flow Graphic

E-commerce makes shopping more personalized than ever before. By first growing your list of subscribers then building your branded email templates, you will be well on your way as a revenue-generating e-commerce store. Branded and thoughtfully designed template blocks enable you to create compelling automated flows that consistently deliver your brand and offerings to your audience.

This email marketing for e-commerce guide provides you with effective strategies and templates specific to:

The Welcome Flow
The Browse Abandonment Flow
The Checkout Abandonment Flow

Grow Your Bottom Line with Compelling Email and SMS Marketing

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