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The SaaS Sales Battlecard Template

By giving your team the right sales enablement tools, you’ll see improvements in average sales cycle length and overall close rate.
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As if hitting customer acquisition and revenue goals wasn’t hard enough, competition—especially in the software industry—is fierce. SaaS customers are usually overwhelmed with options, which puts your sales team in a pickle. Give your team the right tools and you’ll see a major impact on your company’s bottom line.

Battlecards are powerful sales tools for aggressively selling against a specific competitor. Our battlecard template—specifically designed for SaaS sales teams—provides your team with key talking points and sales trap questions against specific competitors, all centered around your customer's pain points and needs.

A sales battlecard will help your team:

  • Access specific talking points they can use during a sales call or along their sales process with a prospect.
  • Provide quick answers to sales trap questions and prospect objections.
  • Compile all of the specific details and information from your competitors’ businesses to stay ahead of the game.

A competitor sales battlecard is one of the most effective sales enablement tools that exist. They are internal guides that educate and train your sales team with the best approaches to selling your software solution and gaining new customers based on your competitors’ offering.

This template will enable your team to compile information on:

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Competitor pricing

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Datapoints that outline the costs of not buying from you

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Competitor software integrations


What is a sales battlecard?

A sales battlecard is a document prepared by sales professionals to help them win deals against competitors. It is designed to provide a quick reference guide to the key features and benefits of a product or service, as well as a comparison to the competition. It usually includes a summary of the company's strengths, a comparison of the company's offering to that of the competition, and some persuasive talking points.

How do I use a sales battlecard?

Sales battlecards are typically used during customer meetings, sales pitches, and other customer-facing events. They can also be useful for preparing sales team members for customer meetings and providing information that can help them close deals. To use a battlecard, sales professionals should review the document thoroughly and then use it to highlight their product's advantages compared to the competition. They should also use the battlecard to provide persuasive talking points and remind the customer of any advantages their product has that the competition does not.

If I am not a SaaS company, can I still use this sales battlecard to my advantage?

Although this template was designed specifically for SaaS companies, you can still download a copy and use it for your company. Please keep in mind that not everything may apply directly to your business, and there may be aspects you need to change to fit your business model.

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