SmartTake: What’s New with HubSpot

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Even if you’re using HubSpot to send emails and social posts, manage your sales pipeline, and host your website pages, there are new (and improved) features rolling out regularly to keep an eye on.

SmartBug’s SmartTake webinar series is here to help you maximize your HubSpot investment, stay on top of new releases, and get inspiration for new ways to do old things.

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Our Next SmartTake Panelists

Stephen Lackey

Marketing Strategist,
SmartBug Media

Amber Wilcox

Marketing Consultant,
SmartBug Media

Ian Andersen

Digital Project Manager,
SmartBug Media

Rachel Sheldon

Inbound Professor,
HubSpot Academy

Upcoming Series Events

Contextual Marketing

dateAugust, 19th 2020

time2:00pm EST

Learn how HubSpot allows you to create a website experience tailored to your visitors’ needs and preferences—and what that has to do with your flywheel!

HubSpot CRM

dateSeptember 16, 2020

time2:00pm EST

Whether you're a sales leader, executive, or revenue operations professional, HubSpot CRM's features just keep getting better—and, it's not just for small businesses, either. 

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Additional Dates:

October 21, 2020

November 18, 2020

December, 16th 2020

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