SmartTake: What’s New with HubSpot

Helping you maximize your investment in HubSpot

Even if you’re using HubSpot to send emails and social posts, manage your sales pipeline, and host your website pages, there are new (and improved) features rolling out regularly to keep an eye on.

SmartBug’s SmartTake webinar series is here to help you maximize your HubSpot investment, stay on top of new releases, and get inspiration for new ways to do old things.

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Some of Our SmartTake Panelists

Hannah Shain

Director of Marketing,
SmartBug Media

Ari Plaut

Product Marketing Manager,

Jen Spencer

Chief Revenue Officer,
SmartBug Media

Scott Brinker

VP Platform Ecosystem,
Editor at

Series Events

HubSpot Operations Hub

dateJune 15, 2021

time2:00pm EST

As your business scales & teams grow, processes silo and efficiencies are lost. Enter Ops. Whether that’s Marketing Ops, Sales Ops or an all encompassing Revenue Ops, the theme of operations is in full force.

During this live panel discussion, we’re thrilled to talk about advanced use cases for HubSpot's newest product line: Operations Hub.

Advancing HubSpot

dateAugust 11, 2021

time2:00pm EST

For advanced HubSpot power users, we'll dig into new features you can leverage to propel your marketing campaigns, data reporting and automation forward. 

Tune in for tips on how to unlock advanced capabilities in HubSpot workflows, reporting, and app ecosystem. HubSpot workflows, reporting, and app ecosystem. 

additional dates
Additional Dates:

Aug 11, 2021

Oct 13, 2021

Dec 8, 2021

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