Platform Comparison Bundle

HubSpot vs. Pardot

Should you keep using Pardot, or should you finally make the leap and start using HubSpot? This bundle contains two assets that will help you compare the two platforms and lead you toward the right decision.

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Convinced HubSpot is the right tool for your organization, but need to get your team on board?

This bundle is tailored to marketers who are convinced HubSpot is the right fit for their organizations’ needs but whose teams don’t fully back them up. If this is you, we’ve got the perfect tools to help you get HubSpot buy-in.

Still hesitant about making the switch to HubSpot?

This bundle is also made with you in mind. Our team of digital marketing experts has compiled a list of Pardot and HubSpot features and how they compare. 

This Bundle wil allow you to


This bundle will allow you to:

Find the right platform for your organization’s needs
Identify and compare both platform’s features
Move the conversation in the right direction and ultimately get what you need ... HubSpot

All businesses are different. What works well for others, even in the same industry, might not work well for you. The HubSpot versus Pardot battle comes down to a simple question: Which platform will lift work off of your marketing team, offer you the most value, and drive the most conversions?

In the bundle you’ll find:

Pardot Audit Framework (Google Sheet)
Platform Comparison Chart (PDF)
Access to other related content

Understand which platform best fits your needs

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