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It’s time to soak up some sales enablement knowledge

From Sidekick to Superhero: The Digital Transformation of Today’s SDR

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In many organizations, sales development reps (SDRs) play the role of sidekick to more seasoned sales executives. The tasks an SDR performs are often repetitious. Make X calls, send X emails, receive X responses, and book X meetings. However, with the innovation of sales automation, AI technology, and the maturity of customer expectations, our once trusty sidekick SDR has a new role to play in the buyer's journey: sales superhero. It’s an exciting time of change for sales development, and as a sales leader, you must ensure your SDR team is comprised of sales superheroes and not spam villains.

In this webinar, we discuss:

  • The behavioral and motivational characteristics of an SDR superhero
  • Tactical ways your company’s sales and marketing leadership should collaborate to empower your SDRs
  • Use cases for your sales and marketing growth stack that support your SDRs’ efforts

Recorded November 2018

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