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The Savvy SaaS Marketer's Quick Guide to Paid Marketing

Strengthen your demand generation with paid marketing.

SaaS marketers, we know you’re busy focusing on growth goals and that competition is fierce, so to help get you there while making good use of your time, we’ve consolidated our most useful paid marketing content into this handy SaaS-focused paid marketing guide.

Whether you are looking to increase your number of daily active users, bring in more freemium sign-ups, or book more demos, these tips will help you better leverage paid marketing to reach your goals.

Inside you’ll find:

  • Different types of paid marketing channels and how they can work for the SaaS industry
  • Basics of paid media strategy and how to scale it to your business
  • What metrics to measure and how to gauge your success

Use this guide as a reference for yourself—or reach out to our team to learn how we can customize your strategy.

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