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Checklist Template

Shopify UX Lite Audit Checklist

Optimize your website for higher conversion rates and sales with our self-guided User Experience audit.
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Shopify UX Audit Checklist by SmartBug Media

For e-commerce businesses, the website is equivalent to a traditional business’s brick-and-mortar store. And just as physical stores curate a specific customer experience, your website needs to be welcoming and easy to navigate to make the shopping experience both enjoyable and incredibly easy.

How do you make this happen? If you’re finding that your bounce rate or abandoned cart rate is way too high, an audit of your website’s user experience can help you optimize your site for higher conversion rates and more sales.

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Once you complete the lite UX checklist to audit your website, you’ll have the basics for getting started to optimize it and improve conversions and sales!

This checklist will identify if your Shopify passes or fails in these categories:

  • Website navigation, menu, and structure
  • Website design
  • Forms
  • Accessibility and backend
  • Cart and checkout page

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