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Product Launch Marketing Plan

By utilizing this comprehensive blueprint, you'll be able to map out each step of the process, ensuring nothing is left to chance. With a clear roadmap in hand, you'll have the confidence to navigate through every stage, from conceptualization to execution, while effectively communicating your vision to key stakeholders.
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Launching a new product can feel overwhelming, and getting stakeholder buy-in can feel stressful. If you're wondering how to create a product launch marketing plan, you have come to the right place. This template outlines everything you need in the marketing process from planning to post-launch tasks.

You can edit and personalize the template according to your company’s needs. Use it to develop a robust and strategic plan to help your team members and stakeholders understand your goals and support them through a successful launch. 

This template will provide you with:

  • A customizable spreadsheet to stay organized from start to finish when planning a product launch.
  • A robust and clear plan for all stakeholders, marketers, writers, and senior management to follow.

This product launch marketing plan will help you reflect on and develop:

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An overview of the plan

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Marketing positioning and messaging

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Website and content

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Email and social media marketing

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Public relations

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Paid media strategy

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Internal processes

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Partner marketing opportunities


What should a product launch plan include?

A product launch plan is one of the most important pieces of bringing your product to market. When developing this plan, you should:

  • Set your product launch date
  • Define product launch goals
  • Perform a competitive analysis
  • Define your ideal customer profile (ICP) and their pain points and solutions
  • Write product messaging brief/positioning statement
  • Create your web presence, define SEO keywords, and develop a content calendar and email calendar
  • Create engaging copy and imagery for social media platforms and develop a social content calendar
  • Determine if a press release is needed
  • Develop paid media campaigns
  • Identify if there are partners it makes sense to co-market/co-launch the product with

What are the stages of a product launch?

The stages of a product launch include the following:

  • Planning around the product itself (e.g., idea generation, product screening, and concept development)
  • Defining launch goals and market positioning and messaging
  • Executing owned marketing tactics (e.g., website development, SEO, content development, email promotion planning, and social media content calendar creation)
  • Planning for paid media and PR 
  • Creating and internal launch plan 
  • Planning for any partner marketing 
  • Executing the product launch 
  • Analyzing performance and making adjustments as needed

How can I create a product launch marketing plan?

Develop your RACE framework, which gives marketers quick access to practical, actionable data about their customers' experiences of your product: 

  • Reach your audience via search engines with an SEO strategy, social media, email marketing, and content marketing. Content marketing can be especially powerful with a plan for product-related blog articles, infographics, and more.
  • Act on your audience via your website. Develop interactive content/tools for your audience to convert on. Optimize your content and website for lead conversion, time on page, and opportunity to interact with content.
  • Convert your leads using CRO and marketing automation. Turn leads into revenue.
  • Engage your current customers. Happy customers are your best advocates for reaching new customers!

What should a product launch marketing plan include?

The key to successfully introducing your product to the market is having a comprehensive product launch plan. Here are the steps to developing your product launch plan:

  • Setting a clear launch date for the product
  • Defining specific launch goals for the product
  • Conducting a competitive analysis to understand the product landscape
  • Identifying the ideal customer profile (ICP) along with their pain points and the solutions your product offers
  • Creating a messaging brief and positioning statement to communicate your product's unique value proposition
  • Establishing an online presence by developing an SEO keyword strategy, content calendar, and email calendar
  • Generating engaging copy and imagery for social media platforms and developing a social content calendar
  • Assessing the need for a press release
  • Creating paid media campaigns to drive traffic to the product
  • Identifying potential partners to co-market or co-launch the product with

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