Presenting Your SaaS Company’s Marketing Metrics

Struggling to prove the ROI of your marketing efforts? Tired of presenting vanity metrics to stakeholders?

In the SaaS world, executives and investors view marketers as responsible for two metrics: customer acquisition and customer retention. No matter how much web traffic or how many impressions or sales qualified leads you generate, you must be able to tie these marketing metrics to revenue and new customers.

This presentation template for SaaS marketing metrics gives you everything you need to show the business impact of your campaign activities. It shows you how to calculate and present:

  • Lifecycle pipeline conversion rates from visitor to customer
  • Cost of customer acquisition
  • Qualified marketing traffic
  • Average total monthly recurring revenue and MRR by customer
  • Customer lifetime value and engagement score
  • Customer health score
  • Lifetime value to cost of customer acquisition ratio
  • Customer and revenue churn
  • And more!

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