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Paid Media Calculator

Calculating a paid media budget is a struggle many marketers and business owners face. It would be great to have a tool that accurately calculates it for you, right? Automatically calculate and plan your budget with our recent tool and save yourself the headache.
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Paid media ads can grab an onlooker’s attention, drive traffic to your site, and fuel your broader marketing strategy. But deciding when and how to invest your business’s media dollars is never easy.

Put your paid media plan in motion by first determining how much you are willing to spend and the type and volume of activity your ads need to create to achieve your business goals.

Our paid media budget planner and calculator will allow you to determine:

  • The volume of activity your ads need to create to achieve your goal for new customers
  • The costs associated with your conversions and clicks goals to validate your budget
  • How much you could spend & the ROI you can expect if all goes according to plan

The paid media calculator lives on an easily editable spreadsheet you can copy and save for your own use. Create your own and share it with your team.

With our paid media planner and budget calculator, you’ll be able to calculate:

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Your customer acquisition cost (CAC)

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Your lead conversion rate


Cost per lead and cost per impression

Put your paid media plan in motion.

Simply fill out this form and get access to your own paid media calculator template as a Google Sheet.