MarTech Stack Audit

MarTech Stack Audit Template

The right technological tools and software will leverage your company’s way of operating, marketing itself, and selling to the right customers, all while enabling an alignment between teams.

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Do you think you might be spending too much on tools your team doesn’t use? Do you have two or more tools that fulfill the same purpose? An audit will help you identify those redundancies and make decisions that will save you time and money.

Auditing your tech stack will allow you to consolidate apps your team uses and maintain a single source of truth for data. Our MarTech Stack Audit is a template that you’ll be able to download, use as a Google Sheet, and save in your Drive.

Our MarTech Stack Audit Template enables you to:

Avoid tool overlap and deduplicate tools.
Identify specific tools to keep your databases accurate and clean.
Achieve team cohesion by leveraging marketing and sales alignment.
Stay in control of your software budget.

Everything that you need to audit your marketing tech stack! You’ll be able to identify which tools you need to make your team more efficient and which are just wasting your resources. 

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Add this template to your company’s resources and propel team alignment.

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