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Marketing Attribution Bundle: A CMO's Guide to Data-Driven Marketing Success

Gain valuable insights into attribution modeling, measurement techniques, and strategies that enable you to showcase revenue influenced by your marketing initiatives.
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Marketing Attribution Bundle

Spending too much time justifying expenses and searching for evidence of revenue impact can be a major headache. But guess what? We have the perfect solution! Introducing our brand-new bundle: "Marketing Attribution Bundle: A CMO's Guide to Data-Driven Marketing Success". This carefully curated collection of resources is specifically designed to help you showcase the ROI of your team (and your agencies) with data-backed, marketing-sourced revenue.

With this bundle, you'll gain invaluable insights into marketing attribution techniques and reporting strategies that will make your life so much easier. No more scrambling for proof of how the company is benefitting from your team's work or struggling to justify your team's value-add. We've got you covered!

What will you gain with this attribution bundle?

  • Invaluable insights into marketing attribution techniques and reporting strategies
  • Resources to expand your knowledge, including templates, guides, and an assessment
  • A better understanding of where you and your team are in your attribution journey

Resources Included in This Bundle

Short (10 question) Assessment

HubSpot Attribution Reporting Readiness Assessment

Before you start playing around with attribution models in HubSpot, it’s important to understand where you are in your own attribution journey—as a marketer and as an organization. One report may be more useful to you than another. 

This is an interactive assessment that will help you determine how ready you really are to start crunching the data.

HubSpot Attribution Assessment

The Ultimate Guide to Perfecting Your Marketing Attribution Reporting

In this guide you can learn how to master effective attribution reporting, discover what reporting looks like within popular platforms, and explore the models your company needs to embrace to supercharge your campaigns.

You’ll be able to access this guide as an interactive page as well as download it as a PDF so you can read it offline and share it with your team.


The Ultimate Guide to Perfecting Your Marketing Attribution Reporting

Marketing Spend Report & Metrics Calculator

Showcase exactly where your budget is going and how much revenue you’re getting from each spend in marketing with our Marketing Spend Report & Metrics Calculator Template.

This template is in a Google Sheets format. You’ll need to make a copy to your Google Drive to access the template.


Marketing Spend Report

What is marketing attribution?

Marketing attribution is the process of identifying and assigning value to the various touchpoints a customer interacts with before making a purchasing decision. It helps businesses understand the effectiveness of each marketing channel in influencing customer behavior and contributes to optimizing marketing strategies for better ROI. 

How do you report on marketing attribution?

Reporting on marketing attribution involves analyzing and presenting data on the various touchpoints and channels that contribute to conversions. Common methods include using attribution models (e.g., first-touch, last-touch, multi-touch) to assign value, employing analytics platforms, and generating reports that showcase the impact of each marketing effort on the customer journey and overall ROI.

How is marketing attribution calculated?

Marketing attribution is calculated through attribution models, which assign value to different touchpoints in the customer journey. Common models include:

  • First-touch attribution: Gives credit to the first touchpoint a customer interacts with.
  • Last-touch attribution: Attributes value to the last touchpoint before conversion.
  • Multi-touch attribution: Distributes value across multiple touchpoints based on their influence.

Calculation methods involve using analytics tools, tracking customer interactions, and applying the chosen attribution model to assign credit to each touchpoint.


What is the goal of marketing attribution?

The goal of marketing attribution is to identify and understand the specific touchpoints and channels that contribute to customer conversions. By assigning value to these interactions, businesses aim to optimize marketing strategies, allocate resources effectively, and improve overall ROI.

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