Lead Nurturing Campaign Workbook for Financial Marketers

Don’t have a lead nurturing strategy for your financial institution? Wondering how to deliver your content to the right prospects at the right time to convert them to customers?

Did you know 28 percent of FinServ marketers rank optimizing the customer experience as the “single most exciting” marketing opportunity?

Our FinServ marketing experts will be the first to admit the struggle is real when it comes to getting a customer to trust you with their financial future—especially instead of one of the big guys. That’s why it’s important to deliver educational content to prospects at every stage of the Buyer’s Journey until they’re ready to trust you with their financial future.

This workbook includes templates for:

  • Auditing your existing content and tie each piece to a persona at a stage in the Buyer’s Journey
  • Outlining segmentation criteria that you can use to build email lists based on prospects’ financial interests and goals (with examples)
  • Drafting email workflow strategies that build trust and move leads toward partnering with you (plus one to get you started)

It’s time to take the guesswork out of lead nurturing. Fill out the form to start now!