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Inbound Bootcamp for SaaS Marketers

Intelligent Inbound Bootcamp for SaaS Marketers

Struggling to create content, book demos, minimize churn, or build a user base for your solution? Need to spread the word without breaking the bank on expensive advertising for your SaaS company?
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Your prospects and customers are looking for technology that will make their lives easier. It’s up to you to build their trust and show that your software is the best solution to their problems.

Whether your goals for this year center on growing revenue, spearheading a new demand generation marketing strategy, or nurturing and qualifying leads for trials, demos, and consultations—understanding your users and focusing your efforts on the most effective marketing activities is critical for your success.

Our five-week training program will enable you to:

  • Shorten sales cycles by utilizing marketing insights.
  • Leverage data to drive marketing ROI.
  • Meet your goals for building your pipeline, booking demos, and increasing revenue.
  • Create solid tactics to create and promote compelling educational content that gets new people excited.
  • Prove the ROI of your efforts and easily report on marketing metrics.
  • Better leverage your paid marketing strategy to increase your number of daily active users, bring in more freemium sign-ups, or book more demos.

Resources you will find in this Bootcamp:

Week 1

The Tech Marketer’s Guide to Inbound Marketing Success

This is a downloadable PDF that includes seven chapters, starting with building a plan to leverage data for future campaigns.


Getting Quick Wins cover
Week 2

Buyer Personas for Your SaaS Company, Plus Persona Templates

This includes our complete buyer persona kit, comprised of three resources: questions you should ask when developing your personas, a ready-to-use buyer persona template, and a mini guide to mapping content for each persona. 


Complete Buyer Personas Kit for Your SaaS Company cover
Week 3

Creating Customer Success Marketing Campaigns for Demand Generation

This is a downloadable PDF that includes 10 actionable strategies to translate your customer’s success stories into huge wins for your organization. 


SaaS Customer Success Marketing Campaigns cover

SaaS Marketing Metrics Presentation Template

Tying Inbound Marketing Activities to Revenue Generation, Plus Customer Acquisition and User Retention Metrics Reporting Template. This is a ready-to-use template in Google Slides that you’ll be able to copy and fill out with your own data.


Saas Marketing Metrics Presentation Template cover
Week 5

Savvy SaaS Marketer's Quick Guide to Paid Marketing

Getting the Most Out of Your SaaS Company’s Paid Marketing. This is a downloadable PDF guide that includes actionable strategies and quick wins around paid marketing channels for SaaS.

SaaS Guide to Paid Marketing cover

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