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Free 5-Week Training Series

Digital Marketing Bootcamp for Financial Services & FinTech Marketers

Want to secure more account signups, schedule more consultations, upsell existing customers, and drive revenue? Let us show you how to build trust in your financial organization with your target audience using inbound.

Seventy-one percent of financial services organizations plan to increase their digital marketing spend in the next year. If your organization isn’t creating and promoting content to attract your target audience, how do you expect to stay competitive and achieve your business goals?

Don’t just tell your customers to invest in their future—invest in your own with Intelligent Inbound® marketing and sales strategies. Our five-week training course will show you how. Here’s what each week covers and includes:

  • Week 1: Creating Buyer Personas for Your Financial Company + persona templates
  • Week 2: Driving Organic Traffic to Your Financial Institution’s Website with Inbound Content
  • Week 3: Nurturing Leads with Inbound Campaigns + a workbook for auditing content, segmenting contacts, and creating workflows
  • Week 4: Supplementing Organic Traffic Conversions with Paid Marketing + video ad strategies for FinServ
  • Week 5: Bonus Resources and Next Steps

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