How to Write (and Edit Yourself) Like a Rock Star

Recorded in February 2019

If you're wondering how you can write better or faster or more concisely, this webinar is for you.

Copy. It’s everywhere. It’s the backbone of your content marketing plan. It communicates the value of your brand 24 hours a day digitally, it contributes to your search engine ranking, and it can deter or create trust with a visitor in seconds. Simply speaking, your writing can make or break your brand. So how can you write like a rock star and strengthen your brand authority? Start with this tip: Don’t ask your readers to bust out their content machete to get through your jungle of words and ideas.

In this tactical webinar presented by SmartBug’s Senior Copywriters, we'll discuss:

  • How people read online, and how to write for them
  • Quick tips including what to avoid in your writing
  • How to pull your visitors in without selling to them

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Chaviva Gordon-Bennett
About the presenter

Chaviva Gordon-Bennett Chaviva is a Senior Copywriter based in Denver. Born and raised in the Midwest, she got her start as a newspaper copy editor and ended up working for many years in social media consulting and management. Now, she’s returning to her roots at SmartBug. Chaviva is a Broncos fan who loves coffee, snow, and Sunday treks with her husband and kids.

Joe Gillespie
About the presenter

Joe Gillespie After 25 years in newspapers, Joe moved to the world of inbound marketing, writing and editing content for SmartBug clients. Originally from Chicago (go Cubs!), he lives in Utah with his wife, two tall boys, a cat, and a black lab/pointer mix named Popcorn. For fun, he plays board games and watches his sons’ sporting events (mostly basketball games and swim meets).