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How To Use Intent Data For ABM Campaigns

An “inbound-ified” approach to an ABM model, giving the sales team leads from high-propensity accounts that are ready and willing to engage.
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If you Google “Why ABM Programs Fail,” you’ll find a series of articles that list out a variety of reasons, but common across nearly all of them you’ll find three trends:

  1. Lack of sales and marketing alignment;
  2. Lack of account insights; and
  3. Missing signals of intent and buyer readiness.

Key Takeways include:

  • Practical steps to get the most out of your intent data today to fuel ABM campaigns
  • Tactical advice on how to fundamentally change the way you identify target accounts
  • When to use automation, such as ZoomInfo Workflows, to push data to your sales & marketing teams’ CRM

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