SaaS Customer Success Marketing Campaigns for Demand Generation

Having trouble getting the word out about your software? Feel like your sales and marketing teams aren’t working together to secure those best-fit customers?

No matter how well your SaaS product creates a solution to a problem, your ideal customers may not know it exists. Generating awareness can be extremely difficult—especially if your marketing resources are limited.

In an industry where demand generation is the key to success, you not only need to create and promote compelling, educational content that gets new people excited, but you also need to continuously ensure that your existing customers are successful—so they will spread the word for you.

In this e-book, you’ll receive more than 10 strategies:

  • Three solid tactics to address user pain points, ensure a smooth onboarding, and make your customers advocates
  • Five unexpected ways to delight your customers without creating a single digital marketing campaign or asset
  • Three non-salesy techniques for upselling and cross-selling that will make customers feel valued
  • Two campaigns you can run to gather feedback, cultivate conversation, and improve your product to meet consumer needs

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