5 Advanced HubSpot Workflows You Can Build Today

Recorded in June 2019

The HubSpot workflow tool is one of the platform’s most powerful features for marketers. But many users haven’t implemented workflows beyond email sends, lead nurture paths, and perhaps updating a contact’s lifecycle stage.

This webinar will change that by giving you five advanced workflows you can go home and build on your own to improve processes and increase system automation. Better yet, this webinar will help you get the creative juices flowing in terms of “What else can I do with workflows?”

We’ll demonstrate how to create workflows that will:

  • Enable your audience to subscribe to your blog (or any other action) from one click in an email
  • Indicate that someone is enrolled in a lead nurturing campaign so they don't receive other emails from you
  • Promote products via appropriate cross-sell emails

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Jessica Vionas-Singer
About the presenter

Jessica Vionas-Singer Jessica fell in love with marketing at her first job and now has nearly 20 years of experience in content creation and lead-driving tactics, promotional campaigns, budgeting, event management, and analytics. Prior to joining SmartBug, she was the Director of Marketing at a B2B company that built software for analyzing genetics.