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Strategize, Prepare, Relax, and Crush Your BFCM Goals!

🚀 4X Your Black Friday & Cyber Monday Revenue for 2023!

Can you check these off?

✅  Set goals
✅  Audience segmentation
✅  Contact list building
✅  Promotion and discount strategy
✅  Email & SMS campaign development
✅  Create an ad campaign strategy
✅  Inventory preparation
✅  Automation and website enhancement for conversions

If not ... we should connect!

⚠️ Our capacity for the 2023 holiday season is filling up fast! Book a meeting with us now to ensure your campaigns drive the revenue you depend on.

It Is Not an Overstatement to Say Half of Our Online Revenue Is Generated Through SmartBug
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Michael Fox, CEO
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Michael Fox, CEO of California Olive Ranch

Let's double your BFCM sales together. 🤝

Why is it important to start preparing for BFCM early?

Starting early for BFCM is your ticket to securing seamless success. Plan ahead to make sure you have ample time to strategize, showcase your best offerings, and captivate eager shoppers with irresistible deals!

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Predict & Plan Interest in Sales

By analyzing historical sales data, customer data, and market trends, brands can strategically allocate resources and tailor marketing efforts, so they'll have the right inventory and targeted promotions—leading to increased sales and overall success during the BFCM period.

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Get Ahead of Your Competition

BFCM is the ultimate shopping frenzy when brands battle it out for consumers' attention and dollars. By getting ahead with your strategy, you can proactively nurture your audience and cultivate trust and recognition before their inbox is bombarded with a flood of emails from countless brands.

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Confidence in Performance

By auditing and optimizing your automation, emails, and website for conversions before launching your BFCM campaign, you can confidently sit back and reap the rewards without the need for frantic updates while your campaign is running. Give your customers a seamless and delightful experience.

Illustration of chart measuring money increasing

Establish a Winning Strategy

By starting early, you can craft perfect marketing strategies, create captivating content, and align your promotional calendar seamlessly with customer preferences and current trends. Instead of scrambling to create assets for a timely launch, you can refine them to align perfectly with your goals and target audience.

Our Metrics of Success

We deliver results you can count on. Customize your SMS strategy, email campaigns, and digital storefront to engage new prospects, nurture qualified leads, and maximize your revenue.

Email Revenue - Paper in yellow envelope
+ 50 %
Email Revenue
Days to See ROI - roi bar chart increasing
< 60
Days to See ROI
 Revenue per Recipient - icon by SmartBug Media
+ 20 %
Revenue per Recipient
Industries - trophy on top of book
emails sent - yellow envelope inside red sent bubble
750 M
Emails Sent

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