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We're Elevating the Industry with Our
Marketers on Tap Blog Series


Share Your Marketing Expertise with a New Audience

At SmartBug, we strive to elevate the marketing industry. One of our initiatives is to give a voice to industry experts, enabling them to share their insights and experiences. That's why we created a new blog series called Marketers on Tap.

To be a part of Marketers on Tap, sign up to receive the quarterly questionnaire, on which we invite you to provide your expertise and opinions on specific industry topics. After reviewing submissions, our team selects the most valuable responses to feature in an article, on social media, and potentially in future YouTube videos or podcasts. Here's your opportunity to be showcased with a direct quote alongside other top marketers in the industry, giving you and your peers the opportunity to gain valuable insights and perspectives from each other.

What's in it for you?

If we choose to feature you in one of our articles, we will attribute quotes to you (or whomever on your team you'd prefer), backlink to your website, and email you to let you know. You will also have the options of including your headshot, linking to your LinkedIn profile, and sharing a video of your response. How's that for some thought leadership?

The questions in the questionnaire are related to e-commerce and digital B2B marketing content. All questions are optional, meaning you can respond to as many or as few as you’d like. By signing up today, you are agreeing to receive the quarterly emails, providing you with the opportunity to share your opinion as a subject matter expert. 


How it works:

On a quarterly basis, SmartBug will send out a questionnaire on specific industry topics for which you will have the opportunity to provide your expertise. We will read through the submissions, choose several responses, and write an article featuring direct quotes from top marketers in the industry.

Fill out the form to receive the quarterly questionnaires.