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Welcome to our weekly edition of SmartBug Media's inbound marketing round up. In order to help you stay as up to date as possible on inbound marketing trends, HubSpot updates, and more, here are a few of our favorite news items:

New & Noteworthy

Facebook Broadens Audience Network to Support Mobile Web

“The Audience Network is expanding to include support for mobile web, bringing the value of native ad formats and people-based marketing to a new set of publishers.” Read More

Google Amp Project Gets Google Analytics Support

Aimed at creating web pages that load faster on mobile devices, Google’s AMP – short foraccelerated mobile pages – was announced in October of last year. Shortly after announcing AMP, the project gained support from ad platforms like Outbrain, AOL, OpenX, DoubleClick, and AdSense. Read More  

Ad Blocking is Kind of a Populist Revolt Against the Internet 

"Ad blocking has arisen chiefly because publishers, technology providers and advertisers have largely taken users for granted, as simply eyeballs, conversions or audiences ready to be tracked and harvested at will. There’s been a long-standing paternalism in parts of the digital advertising industry that has given rise to ad blocking." Read More

Facebook Reports Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2015 Results

"2015 was a great year for Facebook. Our community continued to grow and our business is thriving," said Mark Zuckerberg, Facebookfounder and CEO. "We continue to invest in better serving our community, building our business, and connecting the world." Read More 

Helpful Ways to Grow Your Inbound Marketing

Today's Most In-Demand Marketing Skills (And Why They're Important)

The marketing landscape has changed immensely over the years. New skills and attributes are needed to keep up with the changes in technology and the ways consumer buy and research. Whether you are a seasoned veteran keeping up with the latest trends or a millennial looking to develop, there’s many skills that are both high in demand and can help your career and your organization. Read More

Brain Exercises To Beat the Afternoon Workday Slump

One popular and useful workday break is to play a game that exercises your brain. While the research is out on whether or not those games really work for long term cognitive improvements, they're still a great way to break up your day and refocus your attention. Read More

Inbound Marketing Strategy: Pro Tips For Generating a Ridiculous Amount of (Qualified) Leads

An inbound marketing strategy, as you are likely aware, is a great way to improve lead generation on your website. But, many have set out to accomplish this and barely end up generating enough leads to keep the lights on . Even worse, marketers who have successfully conquered lead generation but end up  on their sales team's bad side because the leads are far from qualified. If your company’s goal is to generate a ridiculous amount of leads, use these pro tips to ensure you do just that - while making sure they are qualified leads. Read More

4 Ways Inbound Marketing Principles Can Be Applied Beyond B2B and B2C

Inbound marketing has changed the way businesses reach their target audience. Instead of interrupting them and demanding attention through traditional advertising, cold-calling and spam, inbound marketers earn the attention of their audience by providing content that the audience finds interesting. Inbounders use this content to drive traffic to their website, grow their database of prospects and nurture those prospects into qualified leads. Read More  

The Latest Marketing Reports 

2016 Marketing Trends Survey

According to newly released survey data from Selligent and StrongView, marketing budgets continue to rise with 56% of companies increasing theirs in 2016 and 35% planning to maintain their current levels. Email marketing (60%) remains the top channel attracting increased investment, followed by social media (56.3%) and display ads (55.9%). Mobile marketing spend is also expected to climb for a slight majority (51.9%) of respondents as well. Read More

2016 Edelman Trust Report

Edelman conducted an online survey across 28 countries on which industries, information sources and spokespeople are the most trusted among consumers. The study indicates that online search engines continue to top traditional media when it comes to delivering general news and information. The gap is even higher among Millennials, 66% of whom trust search engines (versus 63% of the general 18+ population overall) against 58% trusting traditional media. As far as spokespeople, the study shows that technical experts (67%) are the most trusted by the general population, followed by academic experts (64%) and peers (63%). Read More

Hubspot Company News

Hubspot Named the #2 Best Workplace in Technology By Fortune

HubSpot has been named 2016's #2 Best Workplace in Technology by Fortune Magazine and Great Place to Work. The list, which relies on Great Place to Work’s Trust Index© Employee Survey, is calculated based on the reviews of over 48,000 employees across 155 companies. Read More


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