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This week in inbound, we'll look at how to generate additional PPC success beyond the click, how to build effective Facebook ads, and we'll explore the future of customer engagement.

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PPC Success Beyond the Click

Search engines are powerful tools that help companies worldwide get in front of new customers who are searching for answers and solutions. But so often, the success of a PPC campaign is attributed solely to the digital campaign and search channel—and there’s no measure of success beyond the click, even if there are multiple touch points that a customer must go through before actually making a decision. In this post, Amanda Evans discusses how to succeed with PPC by focusing on post-click experiences.

Google Will Pounce on Propaganda and Terrorist-Related Content

Earlier this year, we discussed advertisers pulling ads from YouTube because of the ads showing up next to inflammatory and inappropriate content. Now, Google is creating its own policies to avoid a similar dilemma and will even issue warnings on content that is on the verge of inflammatory—all in an effort to keep advertisers happy and content relevant to users. Read more on Google’s update here.


Grow Your Inbound Marketing

From GIFs to Slideshows: How to Build Effective Facebook Ads

The social media landscape changes weekly, and it’s not always easy for marketers to keep up with new tools and targeting options. With so many businesses turning to Facebook ads, we take a look at ways to build effective Facebook ads, sharing our top takeaways and tips from a recent Social Media Examiner video.

4 Contextual Marketing Examples to Start Personalizing Your Website

Contextual marketing and website personalization are two areas of digital focus that marketers are constantly trying to master. However, when trying to personalize a website, many businesses focus on strategies or changes that don’t actually align with the goals of the company. When you first start with personalization, start small and focus on lead generation. For more helpful tips on how to build awareness and lead generation through contextual marketing, check out these 4 examples to start personalizing your website.


Marketing Reports, Updates, and Trends

Looking at the Future of Customer Engagement

Marketing is about reaching the customer and creating an engagement. As new channels have been introduced over the years (email, websites, social media, streaming music), tracking the full customer journey has become a puzzle that marketers are now continually trying to piece together. As mobile, social, and other platforms continue to dominate the attention of consumers, marketers will need to adapt to continue reaching audiences. Check out what Rob Begg has to say about the future of customer engagement.  

Long-form Video Now Makes Up Majority of Time Watched Across Devices

We’ve talked about video content for years now and how companies are continually investing in producing more engaging videos to keep the attention of their audiences. Over the years, shorter content has performed the best on social media platforms because of the short attention span of today’s consumers. But according to Ooyala’s latest video index report, long-form video content made up the majority of time watched across TVs, computers, tablets, and smartphones. Read more on the report and see why the change would represent a shift in how we watch videos.


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