By Paul Schmidt

MyRounding provides rounding technology that helps healthcare providers improve their patient experience, internal processes, and eliminate manual paper-based rounding procedures.  When MyRounding started doing inbound marketing they faced the difficulty that many startups face in growing awareness and driving in new leads. They came to SmartBug to help them grow their organization and have seen great results within a matter of 2-3 months.

Growth Goals

Starting in March of 2015, MyRounding had lofty goals of tripling their leads by March 2016. In order to hit this goal, they had to create new opportunities for prospects to convert on their website. By creating new offers and nurturing their existing contact database with valuable content, they were able to triple their leads within 3 months.


In April 2015, MyRounding had a single awareness stage ebook and a decision stage demo offer on their website. This was driving leads for them but it wasn’t clear where these leads were coming from and how many of these leads were converting into SQLs.  

Inbound Marketing Playbook

SmartBug worked with MyRounding to develop a playbook to help them accelerate their growth by:

  • Creating additional offers for each stage of the buyer’s journey: SmartBug identified a gap in consideration stage content. This content would be for users who know they need to improve their patient experience through rounding but aren’t sure how to evaluate different rounding solutions on the market. SmartBug and MyRounding created a rounding comparison guide that educates users on the various solutions on the market and which type of solution would be best based on their needs.

  • Promoting these through social, email, and blog post promotion: In May, MyRounding begin sharing their new offers with their existing email database. This helped drive users back to the website and blog to learn more about patient experience. MyRounding also starting connecting with prospects on LinkedIn groups which significantly increased social media traffic and leads. One key to their social media success is that they had their well-connected employees share their blog content across their LinkedIn channels. They have also grown their twitter following with increased publishing output.

  • Nurturing leads using email workflows: After new leads came in to the contact database, lead nurturing workflows were implemented to take leads through each stage of the buyer’s journey. Within each stage, leads were given content that matched their needs.  

  • Implementing smart CTAs to personalize the experience for each contact: After new content offers were created, MyRounding implemented Smart call to action buttons on the website that aligned with the buyer’s journey. This has made the website more dynamic and personal to the contact. Smart CTAs were also added to website pages which have seen double-digit visitor-to-lead conversion rates.

The Results

Two months after launching two new offers and increasing promotion through email and social media, MyRounding saw a 4.9% visitor-to-lead conversion rate. They have hit their initial lead generation goal and have nearly tripled their traffic. MyRounding’s growth continues as they publish and promote valuable industry articles, whitepapers and resources that help healthcare providers improve patient satisfaction.


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Paul Schmidt is a strategist at SmartBug Media. He works with clients on SEO, analytics, lead generation, sales enablement, customer success and inbound marketing strategy. He previously worked at HubSpot, helping develop inbound strategies for over 200 clients. His past clients include: Travelers Insurance, Unilever, and the SABIAN Cymbal Company. Paul studied percussion in Las Vegas and got his MBA in marketing in Boston Read more articles by Paul Schmidt.

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