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This week in inbound we'll look at Hubspot's 2017 State of Inbound Report, the difference between Hubspot analytics and Google analytics, and we'll look at 119 facts about email you may not have known. 

New and Noteworthy

The State of Inbound 2017

Each year, as marketers try to drive more traffic, more leads, and more customers to their client’s business, it’s important to take a step back to understand the landscape of the market and what’s changed in the last year. While our goals as marketers and as businesses have remained the same over the years, consumer behavior has changed drastically. Hubspot’s 2017 State of Inbound Report breaks down how buyers are communicating today and identifies opportunities for the future.

Google Now Blocking Ads on Specific Pages, Rather than Entire Sites

Advertisers that earn revenue from Google AdSense have recently seen their ads pulled from websites on Google’s Display Network, as well as Youtube, due to Google’s recent policy changes to avoid showing ads on irrelevant websites. Now, Google has developed a tool that allows ads to be pulled off specific pages of websites (such as a comment section) instead of the entire site. Read more about Google’s update.

Grow Your Inbound Marketing

What's The Difference? Hubspot Analytics vs. Google Analytics 

When it comes to reporting on website traffic, there are two platforms that are most commonly used: Hubspot and Google Analytics. While each platform offers information about visits and users on your website, there are differences depending on the goals and challenges of your website, company, or organization. This post will walk through the questions you need to ask when determining which platform to use, and discuss the key differences between each tool.

Understanding an Accurate Timeline for a B2B Website Project

A website redesign is not something to take lightly. Anyone who has worked on creating or redesigning a website knows how much time and effort goes into each phase of planning and design. But many companies and marketers have not worked on a full web project and are unsure what to expect, especially timeline-wise. This post will walk through understanding an accurate timeline for a B2B website.

Webinar: A Marketer's Guide to Launching a Facebook Live Campaign

Your friend just went “live” on Facebook. We’ve all seen the notifications for when a person goes live, but how many brands have you seen go live? In our upcoming webinar, we’ll look at how brands can take advantage of Facebook Live and show you how to set up the basics for your first campaign.

Marketing Reports, Updates, Trends

SEO vs PPC: Pros and Cons

“SEO” has been a buzz phrase for well over the last decade. Every marketer knows the immense power of search, but not everyone knows which approach—organic SEO or PPC—is better. The answer is not cut-and-dry as both strategies can be effective depending on the goals and challenges of your company, but let’s look at some takeaways from each.

119 Facts You Don’t Know about Email Marketing

There is nothing more valuable to a company than a customer email list. In a world where ads are literally everywhere, email remains the one medium where users control the content. Chock-full of great stats and visual aids, this infographic showcases 119 facts you may not know about email marketing.


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