By Christopher Hutchens

This week in inbound marketing we'll look at Apple's anti-tracking tool, eight digital marketing stats that caught attention last week, and we'll review some key insights from Hubspot's INBOUND 2017 marketing conference. 

1) New & Noteworthy

8 New Digital Marketing Stats That Grabbed Attention Last Week

With INBOUND 2017, the ANA Masters of Marketing Conference, and Advertising Week all having taken place in the last few weeks, digital marketers have been busy trying to wrangle in new data, metrics, and ideas as we prepare for 2018. In this article, we look at eight new digital marketing stats that grabbed attention last week.


Apple’s Anti-Tracking Tool

A new anti-tracking tool introduced by Apple prevents Facebook from tracking user activity around the web if users have not visited the social media site in the past 24 hours. For advertisers and marketers who have relied on retargeting campaigns over the last several years, it’s a big change that could disrupt how brands engage with people as they browse the internet. Read the full article about Apple’s anti-tracking tool here.


2) Grow Your Inbound Marketing

A Senior Search Strategist’s View of INBOUND 2017

HubSpot’s recent INBOUND conference brought marketers from across the world together to discuss strategy, new technology, and the future of content marketing. If you’ve never been to INBOUND before, it can seem a bit overwhelming at first because of all of the sessions and information that are readily available. So to share some perspective on what to look for at the conference and what to come prepared with, here’s an overview of INBOUND 2017 from SmartBug’s senior search strategist, Jake Havenridge.


3 Key Insights from INBOUND 2017

INBOUND 2017 was jam-packed with HubSpot product announcements and marketing insights and featured a slew of entertaining keynotes by speakers like Mario Batali and Michelle Obama. But like any conference, it’s important to note the main takeaways and put together an action plan on paper to use the insights you learned. In this article, we look at three main takeaways from the INBOUND 2017 conference.


So You Have Your Buyer Personas—Now What?

One of the very first steps in developing an inbound marketing plan is to create your buyer personas. Many companies assume they know their customers, but to really have a complete understanding, you need to conduct interviews and answer some questions about who uses (and who makes the decision to use) your product and service. But creating buyer personas is only one step in the process—you then need to use them as a fundamental part of your strategy. Here’s what to do with your buyer personas after you’ve created them.


3) Marketing Reports, Updates, and Trends

Are You a Marketer? You Need to Be Marketing Yourself

As marketers, it’s our job to market the brands we work with. But today, the best marketers aren’t just promoting the clients they work with—they are developing and building their own brand in the process. With social media having such a huge role in the world of marketing, people perceive those with large social followings as having more credibility. In this article, Sweta Patel explains why you need to be marketing yourself.


Building an Audience of Customers in Today’s Highly Competitive Environment

Inbound marketing is essentially about building a following of unique buyer personas. But with so many companies creating content and trying to develop their own following, how can your company break through? This article looks at how developing your own audience and creating a voice unique to your company helps give you a competitive advantage in a saturated advertising space.


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